Vietnam Work Permit for Foreigners

Embracing the policies that encourage and attract foreign investments and foreign intellectualities into Vietnam, Phu Ngoc Viet Translation honorably introduces our services for foreigners who desire Vietnam Work Permit. Moreover, we unveil the new circular that regulates the work permit procedures and “raises difficulties” against companies and organizations.

Vietnam Work Permit for Foreigners

Vietnam’s work permit specimen

Obstacles that derive from the new Circular

At present, the work permit procedures trouble the companies and organizations, which require the services of foreign workers, by introducing the People’s Committees as a new certifying body for the work permit procedures. New regulations, which the companies consider irrational, include the removal of foreigner’s work permit extension and foreigner’s work permit re-issuance. Furthermore, foreigners find it disturbing to provide a Vietnam Judicial Record when re-applying for their 2nd work permits. At this point, you may perceive the difficulties, the costs and the time that the companies must incur.

Phu Ngoc Viet Translation’s team, for years, has provided the work permit services for foreigners. Since we have been “exposed” to and “experiencing” various changes from the guiding circulars on work permits for foreigners, we have gained many perceptions that are reflected in the following information of our work permit service.

Foreigners’ work permit service by PNVT

Vietnam Work Permit for Foreigners

We are a joint team of experts in translation, judicial certification, consular legalization … Our experience of difficulties has trained our persistence in “overcoming” every situation. Indeed, we provide work permit services in our own style:

Work permits for foreign workers: 7-15 working days upon the submission of valid documents. However, the processing time may vary subject to the changes in policies, which we shall settle by sending written replies or extra documents.

Work permits for foreigners with incomplete documents: Inaccurate dates, incorrect names, or missing information … make your documents incomplete. We shall swiftly complete your files according to the laws . However, obstacles may derive from the changes in policies, which we shall settle by sending written replies or extra documents. We perceive the proper solutions to “adapt to the laws” and complete your application.

Work permits for foreigners whose applications are rejected in writing: have handled a number of applications that used to be rejected in writing. Indeed, such arduous cases demand our strenuous efforts. A written rejection leaves “stains” on your application, which can only be wiped out with our perseverance.

Work permits for foreigners who are working in other provinces and cities: At present, we only take in the work permits applications for companies based in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province. We may expand to further provinces though the applications are becoming more problematic in their own unique ways.

Conclusion: In the future, such obstacles shall be eliminated when easier and more scientific circulars come into effect to make the foreign workers confident, secure and dedicated into their businesses in Vietnam.

For further information on the Foreigners’ work permit service, call us for the best counsels!

We wish for your health and will to grow in life!


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